Sonic Frontiers hands-on: The massive change that 3D Sonic games needed

These games are, mostly, well made, creative, and will make you forget fans made them! Even if you’re not a huge Sonic fan, if you haven’t played a fan-made game you are missing out on a great Sonic experience. It was a Sonic fan, Christian Whitehead, who made this game possible.

Image via KliktopiaWho knew that Sonic levels would make for great Metroidvania experiences. Some fans certainly did, because Sonic Chrono Adventure is exactly that. In many ways, it’s a far different Sonic game, wrapped in a familiar look and feel that the fans would expect.

To be perfectly fair, the first cutscene makes you think the game will be amazing. The CGI cutscenes are actually really good, but the computer mix stuff was just garbage. The story Play Sonic Games Online – Emulator Games Online campaign was probably the only good thing about the game besides the the glitch heaven that is this game, when Sonic takes a random dance break against a rock. I mean, who’s idea was it to have a plot in a Sonic game, where Sonic just blindly chases someone who isn’t even the main bad guy?!

Sonic 1: The Special Stages

It’s also nice to have a team option for those who may not be into the Sonic & Tails duo—or, uhm, that Knuckles & Knuckles nonsense either. If the 90s had never ended, Sonic Mania is the follow-up we would have had instead of making do playing Big the Cat fishing mini-games in Sonic Adventure. All those horrid secondary characters we’ve grown to hate over the years are nowhere to be seen, save for a couple of cameos that only hardcore Sonic fans will even recognise such as the cast of Sonic Championship. The player guides Sonic, Tails and Knuckles across two-dimensional rollercoaster levels (sorry, “zones”) made in the style of the Mega Drive originals and full of loops, springs and spike traps.

  • The controls are a bit dodgy so they need some getting used to.
  • Also includes six unlockable Genesis games unrelated to Sonic.
  • Sega reps insisted that Sonic Frontiers is still committed to launching by year’s end.
  • The rest of the game was built around Sonic’s colorful and stylized world, and he was given an arch nemesis that could seemingly kick King Koopa’s ass any day of the week.

The film is now the highest-grossing video game film of all time in North America, having earned nearly $150 million at the domestic box office. Sonic Origins features remastered versions of all four games, as well as additional features like missions, an infinite-lives Anniversary Mode, new opening and ending animations for each game, and Mirror Mode. Sonic Origins will be available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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And then there’s Sonic in Mario 64, which lets you collect stars with more speed than usual. Oh, and this one is Oculus Rift compatible, just in case you want every part of your soul to feel dirty. And get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

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I think the last level did have a bit of that , but the rest of the game flowed really well. Yeah, I liked how the levels really kept the momentum going, the old ones had a lot of constantly being halted by spikes or some annoying enemy. I was messing around after beating the first act and wound up jumping a bit into the next stage and the camera didn’t really like that at all. Every other act (that I’ve tried anyway) will snap you back to the ending section for the first act’s boss but this one. That “freezing” at the end was me just stopping to hit the share button so I could save it.

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